Network Fire & Security Video Systems Integration enables you to link access control events and alarm events or violations with camera images of the event simultaneously. Our professional IP & Analog Video solutions make use of the latest technologies in the field of Video.

There is no more need to look at events in the access Control or security system and having to compare them to what was recorded on the video system. With our technology it is less time consuming and does away with any possibility of confusing the event with the video. Here at Network Fire & Security we provide engineering, precise quality testing and training, programming and supply of superior equipment and installation. There is a vast variety of cameras, monitors and recording equipment we provide. Speak with one of our sales representatives to discuss the most cost efficient solutions for your needs.

  • Analog & IP Camera's - Both can be viewed over LAN/WAN networks
  • Digital Video Recorders (DVR) - recording capacities that meet your needs
  • The ability to record video to CD/DVD for evidence, investigation to archiving
  • Integration with Fire Alarm, Security System, Card Access and other facility systems


  • Discourages Theft.
  • Deters violence and vandalism in the work place.
  • Saves time and money.
  • Enables remote access for live or recorded viewing.
  • Helps to identify persons responsible.